13thFX Direct Buffer


13thFX Direct Buffer is an actualy active direct box with the 1Mohm JFET IC input, so it’s friendly with passive and active pickups.



Unbalanced buffered output to connect to standard instrument AMP and balanced line preamp output to connect to console or mixer inputs, alsough it has Gain trim pot in the bottom of the device, so you can adjust your balanced signal level or saturate the preamp output stage. Direct Buffer needs standard 9V 100mA pedalboard power supply, secondary power supply inside converts 9V to bipolar +-9V to power the preamp, so it actually receives 18V to increase headroom.

Additional information


Power 9V DC, 100mA positive sleeve 5.5X2.1mm connector

Input impedance

1 Mohm

Output impedance

100 Ohm