13thFX FET Phones Amp


13thFX FET Phones Amp is a Field Effect Transistors instrument headphones amplifier



The 13thFX FET Phones Amp is an instrument headphones amplifier, it can level and mix signals from the Mono (instrument) and Stereo (audio) inputs and amplify them to the level the headphones required, it also has switches to choose an input impedance of 2.2 m ohm or 4.7 k ohm, this is done to match inputs with various sound devices.

The Level knobs are active input level controls, the Blend knob adjusts the ratio between inputs, the Output knob responds for the volume or saturation of the power amplifier stage.

The 13thFX Fet Phones Amp was developed at the request of guitarists who want to play using headphones with their pedals in the pedalboard without using a main amplifier with the ability to mix a signal from sided audio source. The sound of the device was chosen as close as possible to the sound of the early classic tube guitar amplifiers, so it can be used to connect bass guitar or keyboards if the musician wants to achieve a sound rich in harmonics.

You can bypass the Mono (instrunent) signal to the main Amplifier, so the pedal can stay in your pedalboard even if you want to play loud.

The pedal circuit repeats the classic schematics of guitar amplifiers using modern FET ICs and discrete field-effect transistors to achieve the maximum warm sound of the device.

Additional information

Input impedance


Output impedance

100 Ohm


9V DC, 50mA positive sleeve 5.5X2.1mm connector

Bypass type