13thFX Germanium Distortion


13thFX Germanium Distortion is a guitar pedal that sounds like early jet engines, loud & explosively, the Gain control saturates sound with distortion, from almost Clean, through Large grain Mid gain to Hi-gain sound, the gain of this Distortion pedal also can be regulated with the Volume control of your guitar. 



 The Freq control regulates the main frequency of the pedal, Vol control gives you wide range of volume level reserve, what means, that the pedal can be used as a kind of screamer pedal or preamp. The heart of this pedal is couple of NOS germanium diodes, which provides the vintage tone.

Additional information

Input impedance

1,5 mOhm

Output impedance

100 Ohm


9V DC, 50mA positive sleeve 5.5X2.1mm connector

Bypass type