13thFX Overdrive


13thFX Overdrive is a guitar pedal that emulates British tube head amp overdrive with High, Mid, Low, Overdrive and Master controls, it gives you full range to operate your tone.



This pedal is complete Overdrive stage plugged into clean channel of your amplifier, or solo enhancer if it plugged to Crunch or other Overdrive channels.  You can choose the type of Overdrive using the 3 way switch on the control panel.  High position – Classic crunchy tone, Mid position – open dynamics, Low position – compressed flat Overdrive. You can definitely use it as main Overdrive pedal.

Additional information

Input impedance

2 mOhm

Output impedance

100 Ohm


9V DC, 50mA positive sleeve 5.5X2.1mm connector

Bypass type